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liquid heptane C7H16 is completely combusted to produce CO2 and H2O: C7H16 + 11O2 --> 7CO2 + 8H2O

the heat combustion for one mole of C7H16 is -4.85*10^-3
CO2 heat of comb. = -393.5
H2O h of c= -285.8
a) calc. the vale of heat of cumbustion for C7H16 in kJ/mol

a .0108 mol sample of C7H16 is combusted in a bomb calorimeter.
1) calc. amnt of heat releasd to the calorimeter
2) total heat capacity is 9.273 kJ/C, calc. temp. change of the calorimeter.

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    a. heat combustion = [delta H products]-[delta H reactants].

    1. You know what 1 mole is, set up ratio/proportion for 00108 mol. This is q.
    2. q = 9.273 kJ/c x delta T. Solve for delta T.

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