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how did the minority groups struggle for civil rights begin in the 1950s? what event do you think was the most responsible for bringing the public attention to the american cival rights movement? explain why you selected this event?

can anyone help history is my worst subject any help is great thanks!!!!!

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    Wouldn't it depend on the "minority" group? Jews, Negros, Hispanics, Poles, Irish, Pentacostals, Chinese, Japanese, or Catholics in the South. Choose your group, then research.

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    it was any minoritys besides white people

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    African-Americans and their white supporters
    sat in segregated lunch counters and buses
    marched in parades
    registered people to vote
    enrolled in all-white schools
    stood up to police dogs

    Several events stand out in my mind as calling attention to the Civil Rights movement.

    Murder of Emmett Till
    Montgomery bus boycott
    Desegregation of schools' decision
    Dr. King's assassination

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