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A gas that occupies a volume of 6.75L at 89.0atm will occupy what volume at 68.55mm Hg if the temperature remains constant?
Is this right??

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    Close but no cigar.
    I think you have made two errors. First, I think you punched the calculator wrong. If I punch in the numbers you show I don't get 6680 but 6675. Second, you dropped two digits on the 0.09 conversion. 68.55/760 = 0.0901974 which would round to 0.0902. When you work the problem piece meal like that you make rounding errors. Sometimes they are critical. What I do is leave the number in the calculator and just do a string of calculations.
    But even rounding to 0.0902 gives 6660 liters. If your prof is a stickler for significant digits s/he will want you to write 6.66 x 10^3 liters and not 6660 liters.

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