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A rectangular piece of gold is 3.1 cm long and 3 cm wide. Resistivity of gold is 2.4*10^-8. How deep is the piece when it displays a resistance of R = 1.65 μω for a current that flows along the depth-direction?

I used R=(p*l)/A and solved for l. I got the answer wrong. For the area I used 0.03*0.03 as the cross sectional area. What did I do wrong?

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    The area is 0.03 * d, and you are supposed to solve for d, knowing the total resistance. Current flow is along the length, which you know to be 3.1 cm.

    There is possibly another problem as well. The resistivity of gold is approximately 2.44 × 10-8 ohm-m. The way you are using it, with gold block dimensions in cm, you have to change the value of p to 2.44 × 10-6 ohm-cm

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    Thank you.

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