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Thank you very much for your help.
Here are some more sentences I need to prepare for tomorrow.

1) The mirror is presented as a truthful object. When someone is mirroring in it (is it correct: or "when someone looks at himself in it?) it reflects the truth (or "it portrays him objectively?)
2) The mirror tells (or says) that it is always in front of a pink wall and that sometimes faces and darkness separate him from that wall, which is part of his heart (or "which has become part of his heart)
3) The mirror is personified and he shows things exactly as they appear
4) A woman is crying watching at it/mirroring in it or looking at her
image in the mirror (which ones are possible?)because she is old now and the process of time on her face is terrible for her.
5)Policians were concerend with bribing (can I replace it with "corrupting"?) the electorate with money.
6) Virtue came to be seen both as a disposition of benevolence towards oneself and others and as a sensibility (or an interest) in man's innner and emotional side.
7) An external narrator tells the story from the outside.
8) A first-person narrator employs the "I" mode. Is it also correct to say "He is identified with "I", he tells the events in the first person?)
9) The external narrator tells events he has not taken part in. Can you say "he tells about events he ..."?
10) A litotes is a figure of speech in which (is where possible?) an affermative is expressed by negating its opposite

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    1. Bit of an argument here. The mirror reflects actuality; however what is seen is in the "eye of the beholder".

    2 though 4.. need many fewer word and much more clarity.

    #5. The electorate usually "bribe" the already "corrupt" politicians.

    6. needs to be clarified

    7.I would say, as an uninvolved viewer of the action.

    8. Your first sentence if fine.

    9. You can say "events to which he is merely a witness"

    10. not where... where indicates a place. Check spelling-

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