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This is to do with genetics and drosophila. There are 3 pairs of characteristics - body colour, eye colour and wing length. The parents are all from pure-breeding lines.

First Cross
P1: male-grey body, normal wings
female-black body, vestigial wings
F1: all females-grey body, normal wings
all males-black body, vestigial wings
F2: 230 flies-grey body, normal wings
15 flies-grey body, vestigial wings
18 flies-black body, normal wings
214 flies-black body, vestigial wings

Second Cross
P1: male-grey body, red eyes
female-black body, white eyes
F1: all females-grey body, red eyes
all males-black body, white eyes
F2: 4720 flies-grey body, red eyes
3372 flies-grey body, white eyes
3389 flies-black body, red eyes
4810 flies-black body, white eyes

Third Cross
P1: male-red eyes, normal wings
female-white eyes, vestigial wings
F1: all females-red eyes, normal wings
all males-white eyes, vestigial wing
F2: 4102 flies-red eyes, normal wings
2164 flies-red eyes, vestigial wings
2169 flies-white eyes, normal wings
4088 flies-white eyes, vestigial

Work out the chromosome map for these genes.
Please help-I have no idea how to do this! Thanks in advance!

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