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Middle school Math

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Graph 3y-4=11 by finding intercept(s)

How do you do this... Thanks

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    I'd love to help, but is there supposed to be an x somewhere in this equation?

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    Ok... I'll just assume that the equation is 3y-4x=11.
    So the y-intercept of a line is where the graph intersects with the y axis. Any point on the y axis must have an x value of 0. To find the y-intercept of this line, we have to plug in 0 for x and solve for y.
    The x-intercept is where the line crosses the x axis. And the x intercept should have a y coordinate of 0. So we have to plug in 0 for y and solve for x.
    x= -11/4
    So the x intercept= 11/3
    y intercept= -11/4
    I hope you understand this better. Peace.

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