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For which table(s) of values in Exercises 39–42 is the relationship
linear? Tell how you decided. Write the equation for each linear

x y

5 20
10 30
15 40
20 50
25 50
30 50

bobpursley stated "Look at y. It stays constant at the end. If it were always constant, it would be linear...a horizontal line with zero slope. But near the origin, it is not constant.
The relation is not linear."

My question then is: "So, no part of the table is linear? I mean, the x=5, y=20; x=10, y=30; & x=15, y=40, none of those are linear either? Or would the x=20, y=50; x=25, y=50; & x=30, y=50 be linear? Or is it because of the constant at the end that none of it is linear?"

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    You present only one Table, and it is not linear. Each entry is not a table

  • Algebra - I understand. Thank you very much!!

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