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Posted by Franco on Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 10:07am.

Can you check these sentences for me, please and help me rephrase some of them?
Thank you very much for yesterday's corrections!
1) Catherine is not going to forsake Heathcliff (can you say to separate from Heathcliff). If she did, she believes she would be meet the fate of Milo.
2) When considering her love for Edgar, she says that Edgar should first shake off his antipathy if he wants her to marry him.
3) Furthermore, she believes that of she marries Edgar, she can aid Heathcliff rise and place him out of her tyrant brother (how can I rephrase it?)
4) She confesses to Nelly that Heathcliff has become part of her own soul. She sees her and Heathcliff as one since they belong together.
5) She understands that her attachment (affection to?) to Heathcliff has been just to satisfy her whims or, as in the case of Edgar's, to satisfy her partner.("The others were the satisfaction of my whims; and for Edgar's sake, too, to satisfy him")
6)However, she finds it hard to express her love for Heathcliff.
Since they have shared the same miseries, she can't imagine a life without him.
7) She admits that if he wasn't there, she wouldn't consider herself as being part of the universe (her life would be deprived of any meaning?)

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