March 28, 2015

Homework Help: Time Zones

Posted by Kelly on Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 3:33am.

Check my work.

Calculate the correct time in brackets:

1. 1:00am at 30W = (11:00pm) at 60W
2. 3:00pm at 15W = (1:00pm) at 45W
3. 1:00pm at 120E = (9:00am) at 60E
4. 12:00pm at 15E = (6:00pm) at 105E
5. 11:00am at 15E = (9:00am) at 15W

Calculate the correct longitude in brackets:

6. 6:00pm at Prime Meridian = 10:00pm at (60E)
7. 2:00pm at 150W = 1:00pm at (165W)
8. 12:00pm at 45E = 8:00pm at (165E)
9. 10:00am at 30E = 4:00am at (60W)
10. 5:00pm at 165E = 10:00am at (60E)

Can someone please check to see if I'm doing it right? If not please correct me.

Appreciate your help.

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