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Nitrogen and hydrogen react to form ammonia. Consider the mixture of N2 and H2 in a closed container as illustrated below.

The container contains 6 hydrogen atoms and 6 nitrogen atoms (all diatomic)

Assuming the reaction goes to completion, draw a representation of the product mixture. Explain how you arrived at this representation.


    You couldn't draw the picture in your "illustrated below" example and neither can I.
    You must have something like this/
    H-H ......N-N
    H-H ......N-N

    That's 6 H atoms and 6 N atoms. I would draw a circle around ONE of the top N atoms, two of the top H atoms and one H of the second row showing 1 NH3 was formed. Then I would do the same kind of thing for the top N on the right, the one H on the second row and both H atoms on the third row. That represents another NH3 formed. That leaves 4 N atoms un-reacted, 2 NH3 molecules formed, and no atoms H remaining.
    That makes sense when you consider the equation is N2 + 3H2 ==> 2NH3 doesn't it>

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