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Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please?
Thanks a lot for your last corrections!

1) It was fantastic to see how the sky changed from dark blue to violet and finally to yellow.
2) I drank an orange juice.
3)In the morning I put my clothes on (or better I got dressed)
4) At the lunch there were also my aunt and uncle.
5)I went to my uncle and aunt's house for Christmas lunch. (How would you write it if you wanted to include their names? Example: I went to my uncle George and aunt Mary's house for lunch)
6) I came back home early because I was going to school on the next day.
7) I ate a dessert (?) with chocolate and apricots.
8) Could I have it (when referring to "spaghetti") too please?
9) Can you say: "Could I have a dish of cheese ravioli?"
10) My father made (or prepared, or cooked)Christmas lunch (or the Christmas lunch)

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    2 -- I drank some orange juice.
    I drank a glass of orange juice.

    3 -- either one

    5 -- I went to Aunt Mary and Uncle George's house. (one house belonging to both of them together)

    6 -- delete "back"

    7 -- I ate a type of dessert...

    8 -- Could I have it, too, please?

    9 -- yes

    10 -- any of those will work

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