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Find the surface area of a right circular cone topped with a hemisphere. the height of the cone is 8cm, the radius is 4cm.

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    here's the formula SA = pr^2 + prL

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    I think we are looking at something like a single scoop icecream cone, right?

    The surface area of a cone is pi(r)(s) where r is the radius and s is the slant height.
    The surface area of a hemisphere
    = (1/2)4pi(r^2) = 2pi(r^2)

    we find s by using Pythagoras:
    s^2 = 8^2 + 4^2 = 80
    s = √80

    So total surface area
    = pi(4)√80 + 2pi(4^2)
    = pi(16√5) + 32pi or appr. 212.93

    check my arithmetic, its been horrible lately.

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