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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 10:22am.

I don't really know what you mean. i looked over my paragraph many many times, and i picked out some errors this time and here it is. i really need help. please. please. please.

Rah! Rah! Bah!

Bah humbug! How excited I was, it was time for me and my class to go to the assembly. The announcements told all the home economic classes to come down. Our teacher led the way and I slowly wandered off the hallway with some of my friends. I tried to walk fast and pass them all because I wanted to meet up with my Best Friend. I had actually promised my B.F that I’d wait for her alone. I was unluckily unable to wait for her because there were teachers around me everywhere. They were telling everyone to go and sit down. So I just decided to go and search for a spot in the gym for us to sit at. I didn’t want to get in trouble by any teachers, so I unfortunately had to break my promise with my friend.

I wanted to sit in a spot in where I could be seen by my friend in a flash. I decided to sit by my other friends and wait for her arrival. We were sitting in a pretty, good, high spot, the whole view was very clear. Finally, she made her entrance and I could tell that she was trying to look for me by her facial expressions. I tried to stand up and holler her name, but it was too late, she had already run back outside to go and look for me. I was all frustrated. I really did not want her to become mad at me and start a commotion. After a few moments, she finally came back and saw me.

She didn’t like the seating arrangement I had made, she wanted to sit in a better spot; away from my other friends. I listened to her, and picked another spot to sit in. She didn’t find that spot comfortable either and told me to go to the other side to search for a better one. Everyone was sitting down, the assembly was almost about to start. I told her to forget about it, and we remained sitting.

Thus, as the assembly started, my ears and eyes were pointing towards the stage; all my focus was headed for the speaker. As I got to know that the assembly was about the B.C Lions, I was kind of down in the dumps. I didn’t actually know what the assembly would be about. I had heard that it was going to be something related with hockey. So, I thought that maybe they would show us a video related to the Olympic Games about it. After seeing the B.C Lions on stage, I was depressed. Generally I really dislike sports, I find them really boring. I had hoped for entertainment.

So I sat there, trying to listen to them as much as I could, but really the B.C lions had come to cheer on all the athletic players, to give them support, and advice; I wasn’t one of them. Slowly, slowly I just withered away in my imagination. Even though, I should have been paying attention, I couldn’t control myself. I started daydreaming about going home and just imagining about the weekend to come.

My friend woke me up a couple of times, and I was back in reality. The B.C lions were calling up people on stage to play opposing games. They played and had fun, but I was deadly fed up. I didn’t find the game that amusing. Later, the B.C Lions asked some people to come and dance. They only called the ones on stage who knew how to; just for fun. They all danced for a couple of minutes, and they all danced finely. I totally spaced out after that. I was unable to remember anything. I guess I have a wild mind.

Just at the end of the assembly, the principal came up and made an announcement. I didn’t hear it clearly the first time, but I heard it the second time. He decided to extend our lunch hour. After hearing that, everyone starting stomping their feet and hollering YAY! We all made our way out the door digging for lunch.

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