March 28, 2015

Homework Help: Joan of Arc Film/Ashley

Posted by Kerry on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 9:20pm.

Umm OK let's see so France is fighting England and they are being helped by the Burgundians right?

Joan heard the voices of god and angels right?

I Don't Know:
-The name for the king before he is crowned is the______

-Joan wanted to have______(name) crowned at_______(city)

-Joan's first big battle was at the city of________

-Joan met with the king at a chateau called________

-The king played a trick on Joan at their first meeting, What did he do?

-Joan lived in the_________ Century.

-Joan was captured by the __________ at _________ (city) and sold to the _______.(I think the second blank is Burgundy and the third blank is English)

-They put her on trial, because they said she was a ________

-The king didn't want to save her because_________

-Joan died______________(how) in________(city)

-Joan was _________years old when she died.

-In 1920, Joan was made_________

Thank you sooo much for the help! I hardly saw any of the film and I had no clue what was going on!

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