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Homework Help: Thermodynamics

Posted by Janus on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 11:00am.

What is the specific volume of a gas at 180psia & 90F when its density is 0.0892 lb/cu ft at 14.7psia & 32F. Calculate its gas constant & the appropriate molecular weight.

@ 14.7psia & 32F
v= 1/0.0892lb/cu.ft = 11.2108cu.ft/lb
v= 19372.2624

R=Gas Constant
R= 48.2338 (ft lb(force)/lb(mass) R)

Solving Specific Volume @ 180psia & 90F
v= 48.2338 (ft lb(force)/lb(mass) R)x(550R) / (25920lb/sq.ft)
v= 1.0235lb/cu.ft

Unsure about Molecular Weight
p= 1/1.0235lb/cu.ft =0.977cu.ft/lb
MW= 0.977cu.ft/lb (48.2338 (ft lb(force)/lb(mass) R) x 550R / (25920lb/sq.ft))
MW= 0.9999

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