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A 12 cu.ft tank contains hydrogen sulfide gas at 150psia & 80°F after 5 pounds of the gas have been drawn out. Before any gas left the tank the temperature was 70°F.

What mass of gas was in the tank originally and what pressure?

just to check:
V=12cu.ft =
t=80°f = 540°R

m=(150 x 20736 x (1/12)) / (45.5 x 540)

original mass inside the tank

original pressure
P=(15.6195 x 45.2 x 530) / (20736 x (1/12))
P= 216.5398

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    Your method looks OK but I would have to check the value of R in such unconventional units. I don't understand whay you multiplied V by 1/12 instead of 12

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    My mistake I forgot to add the units

    Unit of R = (ft lb(force)) / lb(mass) °R

    P = lb x (ft lb(force)) / lb(mass) °R) / (cu in x (1ft/12in)

    the (1ft/12in) is suppose to make the P into lb / sq in.

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    P = lb x (ft lb(force)) / lb(mass) °R) °R / (cu in x (1ft/12in)

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    If you were converting cubic inches to cubic feet, you would multiply by 1/1728, not 1/12.

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