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how does Emile Durkhein efind sociology? Explain the tenets of his concept of sociology

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    1. Go to

    2. Type in "emile durkhein" concept of sociology (or whatever search terms you need).

    3. Press the Enter key.

    4. Read different search results until you find what you need. Use different search terms if these don't work.

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    Durkheim (M! not n!) focused on the methodology of Sociology and worked to define it as a legitimate, academic discipline. He conceptualized society as a balancing act and with how society is much like Goldilocks in that it is looking for "just the right" amount of "insert societal trait here" (justice, crime, babies, education, etc.). If society had too little or too much, it was thrown out of whack and often had numerous consequences. Durkheim is well-known for postulating that suicide was a consequence of a lack of social control in religious organizations.

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