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Posted by Franco on Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 6:19pm.

Thank you for your last corrections.
Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please?

1) A: "What would you like to drink?"
B: "I'll have a coke, please". A: "What about you?" (and not "And for you?")C: I'd like an orange juice.
2) The Celts were a tribal population of Germanic origin.
3) They were organized in tribes (and not they had a tribal society).
4) The Anglo-Saxons (or Anglo-Saxon tribes) started to invade the country.
5) Some germanic tribes, namely the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes invaded the island
6) The name England derives from the Angles
7) Only in 43 AD England was conquered by the Romans
8) The Romans introduced education (or a school system)
9)A: "Why don't you have spaghetti?" B: "Good idea. Could I have some (can you use "it"), please?"
10) We spent all day (also the whole day?) at my aunt's house.
11) I played all morning (also the whole morning) on my computer.
12) Why didn't you eat pizza? Can you say: "Why did you not eat pizza"?

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