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Carmen can type 18 words in 27 seconds. How many words can she type in 60 seconds?

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    Simple~ 40 words.
    Don't make it harder than it needs to. Just set up a proportion. 18/27=x/60.
    Notice: The numerators and denominators match up. Words to Words and Minutes to Minutes. Put the Variable on what you want to find out. Words or Minutes? In this case, it is words.
    So, the answer is 40 words because
    18x = 27 X 60 (Numerator X Numerator = Denominator X Denominator)
    18x = 1620 (Solve for 27 X 60)
    x = 40 (Divide by 18 on both sides of the equation)
    Therefore, the answer is 40 Words (Don't forget to label!) Just kidding,
    Hope that helps!

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