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Thank you very much for your last corrections!
Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please?
1) Antony uses his rhetoric to persuade people to mutiny against Brutus.
2) History was seen as a sort of moral teacher, where the Elizabethans would find and answer to their problems.
3) Claudius has killed the king to take his place.
4)Hamlet is unable to take revenge on his father by (?) killing his uncle.
5) Political power is compared to an adder.
6)He describes his father by (?) comparing him to (also with?) Olympian gods.
7) All (or "all the", or "the whole") universe is in a state of chaos.
8) Antony says that Brutus's conspiracy against Caesar was a murderous crime and not an act committed (in the name of) for freedom.
9) Once he has reached the greatest power, he is not interested in his people any more.
10) Once he has arrived at the top of the ladder, he may turn his back on the ladder.

  • English -

    2 -- Replace "where" with "by which" (History is not a place!)

    6 -- either "to" or "with" works

    7 -- "All the universe..."

    8 -- "in the name of" is better

    9 -- "anymore" (one word, not two)

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