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Algebra 1B

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This Question is in multiple sections.
f(x)= -2x^2+2x+10 is the problem
1)What is the x coordinate of vertex in simplified fraction?
2)What is the y coordinate of vertex in simplified fraction?
3)What is the line of symmetry?
4)What is the maximum/minumum of f(x)?
5)The value of f(1/2)=21/2 is minimum or maximum?

Can you please explain these steps to me in detail so that I get it. I'm preparing for a final in a couple days and have a couple last minute questions about certain problems on my algebra before I do my final. Thank You!!!

  • Algebra 1B -

    1). Put the equation in the form of
    y= a(x-h)^2+k

    Then the vertex will be at h,k

    y=-2(x-1/2)^2+ 10.5
    so h=1/2, k= 10.5
    line of symettry is as x=h
    max.min is at x=h, so max is 10.5

  • Algebra 1B -

    Thank you!!!! Now, can you please tell me how to choose the correct graphing without actually seeing everything right in front of you?

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