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Can you please check the grammar in the following sentences?
Thank you.

1) His father is the perfect king who symbolizes justice and strength, unlike (?) his uncle, who is pure evil. (or who stands for pure evil?)
2)He fears that when becomes King, he will turn into a tyrant.
3) If something bad happened, because someone had broken the chain, the whole system would plunge into chaos.
4) He knows that everything he does will lead to his death, either by suicide or a as retribution for killing the king.
5) He uses the power of hsi words (hir rhetoric, to persuade the mob to mutiny against Brutus.
6)He is a torn person as he doesn't know whether to kill Claudius or kill (or to kill) himself.
7) Hamlet is psychologically complex (or Hamlet is very complex from a psychological point of view?)
8) If someone broke the chain, the world would plunge (or be plunged) into chaos.
9) Hamlet asks himself some questions concerning his inability to act and wonders what he should do

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    1. I'd go with your first choice.

    2. when becomes King, = when he comes King OR upon becoming King,

    3. would plunge = would have plunged = a more parallel construction

    5. of hsi words = spelling = his

    7. either

    9. Don't forget the end punctuation (period).


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