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i am having trouble answering this question. Help please!

The balanced chemical equilibrium equation to show the formation of the calcium carbonate solid in limestone caves is CO2(g) + H2O(l) + CaCO3(s)  Ca2+(aq) + 2HCO3(aq)

Use Le Chateliers principle to predict what conditions would contribute to;
i.) The formation of more CaCO3(s)
ii.) The decomposition of the

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    Do you have a list of "conditions" or do we make up our own? Adding reactants drives the reaction to the right. Adding products drives the reaction to the left. Increased pressure drives the reaction to the right.

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    I assumed the conditions to choose from were concentration, temperature, pressure, catalyst.

    I thought for formation of more CaCO3(s)
    you could Increase in temperature
    and Increase in concentration

    The decomposition of the CaCO3(s)
    you could decreasing the temperature.

    But I am not too sure about how pressure would effect it because it is a solid.

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