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AP Chemistry

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For a strong acid-weak base titration what's an example of a titrant, analyte, appropriate indicator, pH at neutralization, and a typical graph of the titration?
Help is much appreciated
Thank you so much

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    The question sounds like you want us to do your work for you but I'll help with some short answer stuff.
    A. We can't draw diagrams on these boards so forget the graph.
    B. Strong acid example is HCl.
    C. Weak base example is NH3.
    D. The titrant is what is added from the buret.
    E. The analyte is what is being titrated/determined.
    F. The indicator usually is something like methyl red or methyl orange but it depends a little upon the concentrations of the acid and base.
    G. The pH at the equivalence point is about 5.0 or so.

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