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A circuit contains sic 60-W lamps with a resistance of 240-ohm each and a 10.0-ohm heater connected in parallel. The voltage across the circuit is 120 V. Find the current in the circuit for the following situations::::

a. four lamps are turned on
b. all of the lamps are turned on
c. six lamps and the heater are operating.

Physics - drwls, Friday, February 26, 2010 at 8:11am
In each case, add the currents of all of the operating lamps and heater.

For the lamps, the current drawn by each ont that is "on" is I = V/R
= 120/ 240 = 0.5 A

For the heater, the current drawn is 120/10 = 12 A

---- Ok, i understand some of this. For the six lamps turned on is 0.5 A. For the four lamps turned on, would i divide 240/4 = 60 and then find the current.

- Thanks a lot and have a good weekend.

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    yes, don't forget about the heater, it draws 10 amps when on.

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