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A cylindrical jar with height 8 inches and diameter 6 inches is filled to 75% capacity with juice. The juice is then poured into another cylindrical container with a 10 inch diameter and height of 4 inches.

a. to what percent of its capacity is the second container filled with juice?

b. a third cylindrical container is such that the entire amount of juice only takes up 27% of the capacity of the container. As a result, what would one pair of possible dimensions be for the diameter and height of this third container?

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    a) Find the volume of the first cylinder using V=pi(h)(r)^2 and then multiply that by .75. This is the volume of the juice. Then, you divide that amount by the volume of the second container.
    b) Divide the amount of the juice by .27 to get the volume of the new container and then set that equal to the volume equation and plug in values.

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