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1) Find the coordinates of the point (-1,3) after the transformation T (to the -3,2 power)

2) What are the coordinates of point (-3,4) under D (to the 3rd power)?

3) Which of the following transformations could map the point (1,2) onto the point (3,6)?
a)T (to the 2,3 power)
b) T (to the 3,2 power)
c)D (to the 3rd power)
d) r (to the y=x power)

4) Circle O is centered at the origin and has a radius of 5.
a) Write the equation for circle O.
b) Circle O' is the image of circle O after a translation of T (to the 2,-3 power). What is the center of circle O'? What is the radius of O'?
c) Write the equation for circle O'.

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