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39. Proteins are manufactured from the "blueprints" found on DNA. After they are translated, they are moved through a system of internal membranes before being distributed throughout the rest of the cell. At some point in this process, they are modified to their functional form.
In your own words, discuss the role of each of the following structures in the whole process: cell membrane, vesicles (at two points in the process, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, and endoplasmic reticulum. Be sure to identify the correct order in which the proteins move through each of these structures.

My answer:

Proteins are produced by ribosomes on the rough part of the endoplasmic reticulum. These proteins are then packed into vesicles. Next, the proteins are moved from the rough ER to the Golgi apparatus by means of vesicles. Processing of the proteins takes place in the Golgi apparatus, after which they are packaged into new vesicles. Some vesicles then release their proteins outside the cell. Remaining vesicles stay inside the cell and become lysosomes.

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