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I need help with my annotated bibliography thesis for Maya Angelou!!!!!!!?
It is for a research paper. I has to include a bibliography of Maya Angelou and 3 of her works. I just need help with the thesis for the annotated bibliography.

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    This is one of the very best places I've seen online to help students write good thesis statements. It shows you sentences that aren't thesis statements and how to turn each one into a real thesis statement.

    Just remember: Your thesis statement must include factual information plus your position/opinion/stance. Without your position on the topic, it isn't a true thesis statement. So think of this sentence as the angle you want to take on the topic and what you intend to prove by the end of your paper. (If your statement is simply factual, then there's nothing to prove!)

    Once you think you have a thesis statement drafted, please re-post and someone here will be able to help you.

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    thanks so much

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    You're welcome. Be sure to post your thesis draft if you'd like someone here to critique it.


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    Maya Angelou was a singer, actor, civil rights worker, journalist, and director. She was been through so much and has transcended into one of the world’s most famous authors. Out of all her past occupations, she is best known for her literary works.

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    Good start. The first sentence is all facts, right? The second and third sentences have mostly facts and a teensy bit of opinion. Now, ask yourself this: Would anyone argue with you about these statements? Would anyone else's opinion differ?

    Also, you need to end up with ONE SENTENCE, not three, so start thinking about how you can combine the ideas AND how you can make your opinion stronger. Read these 5 tips and make it all much stronger:

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