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1.The earth is constantly bombarded by cosmic rays, which are charged particles from outer space. moving vertically Find the force on one such cosmic ray− a proton that is instantaneously downward at 5.04 107 m/s at a point outside the atmosphere over New York, where the magnetic field dips 74.0° below the horizontal and has a horizontal component of 1.70 10-5 T
2.Stainless-steel poles were arranged by an artist for the purpose of producing an enhanced display of lightning in a field of nearly one square mile. The magnetic field in New Mexico, where the rods are located, dips 64.0° below the horizontal and has a horizontal component of magnitude 2.5 10-5 T. Calculate the magnetic force on one of these poles, 6.63 m long, when it transmits an upward current of 1.98 104 A during a lightning discharge.

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    F = q V x B where the "x" indicates a vector product.

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