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Homework Help: Biology

Posted by mysterychicken on Monday, February 22, 2010 at 5:23pm.

Last ones on the test--

37. Hyphae
a. increase the surface area-to-volume ratio of the fungus
b. have slender filaments
c. allow for efficient uptake of nutrients
d. all of the above

38. In which process do tRNA molecules attach amino acids to the growing chain according to the codons?
a. transcription
b. replication
c. translation
d. transformation

11. Solar energy can be trapped in the atmosphere by
a. the chemical bonds of carbon dioxide
b. the chemical bonds of ozone
c. radiation
d. sunlight
Not sure…B?

33. In addition to causing disease, protests also affect humans through
a. their role in the nitrogen cycle
b. their antibiotic properties
c. their ability to clean up oil spills
d. all of the above


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