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26. The relationship between population growth and resources can be described as
a. inverse; as one goes up the other goes down
b. parallel; when one goes up so does the other
c. complex; there are many contributing factors
d. equal; they both level off in any population

32. Viruses aren’t considered living organisms because they
a. are cellular organisms
b. reproduce only in living cells
c. have ribosomes to make proteins
d. are surrounded by a polysaccharide coat

33. Biologists now know that viruses
a. are the smallest living organisms
b. consist of a protein surrounded by a nucleid acid coat
c. contain RNA or DNA in a protein coat
d. all form the same crystalline shape
A..or C? Not sure…

34. Which of the following is a characteristic of protists?
a. asexual or sexual reproduction
b. unicellular or multicellular cell type
c. the requirement that they live in water
d. all of the above


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    34. D is the best answer.
    33 c
    32 b
    26. complex, but years ago, it was considered inverse, and I have serious reservations about your book. Flip a coin.

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    Thanks so much!!


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