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Hello! Can you tell me if there are any passive clause in this chapter? This is not my homework I am helping my friend with this and I am so confused :/

By extension of meaning, bills of rights are sometimes regarded as including the definition and establishment of rights and liberties through tradition or in documents or enactments prior or subsequent to any formal declaration bearing their name. In the United States, where the protections of its Bill of Rights derive significantly from English sources, the general term bill of rights sometimes also includes additional protections that are asserted throughout the federal Constitution (especially in its 14 th Amendment) and enunciated in constitutional decisions of the federal courts.

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    "bills of rights are sometimes regarded"

    This is an example of a passive statement. The subject is NOT doing the action of the verb.

    John ate a hamburger. <~~active voice; the subject is doing the action of the verb

    The hamburger was eaten by John. <~~passive voice; the subject is NOT doing the action of the verb.

    What others can you find in that paragraph?

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