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A skydiver, who weighs 650 N, is falling at a constant speed with his parachute open. Consider the apparatus that connects the parachute to the skydiver to be part of the parachute. The parachute pulls upward with a force of 620 N.

Consider the skydiver and parachute to be a single system. What are the external forces acting on this system? (Select all that apply.)

a)The upward directed drag force due to the air.
b)The upward force of the parachute on the skydiver.
c)The downward directed force due to gravity.
d)The downward force of the skydiver on the parachute.

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    You are going to have to show some thinking. It seems to me you are answer grazing.

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    im not, i just went through 2 attempts already and don't understand why i keep getting the answer i thought was right, wrong. With the parachute pulling upward, the external force that should be at work is the upward directed drag force due to the air...I'm visualizing that in order for the parachute to pull upwards, there's gotta be a lot of force pushing the air upwards as well

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    A skydiver deploys his parachute when he is 1050 directly above his desired landing spot. He then falls through the air at a steady 5.3 . There is a breeze blowing to the west at 1.0

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