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Thank you very much for your last corrections!
Could you possibly check these other sentences, too? Thank you.

1) In 43 AD the island was conquered by the Romans, who introduced their language and culture and built towns connected by roads.
2) In 409 the Roman soldiers withdrew from Britain to repel a Barbarian attack. After the retreat of the Romans the island was occupied (?) by the Anglo-Saxons, who were organised in tribes and were skilled farmers and deep sea fishermen.
3) Thanks to the monk Augustine, who was later appointed archbishop of Canterbury, Christianity regained its importance (?) on the island.
4) The Vikings took control of Britain in 8th century.
5) Only in 14th century there was an important (?) growth of the middle classes, whose members became more important (?) than noblemen.
6) In this period (?) the Church took (? played) an important role since people were very religious (?) and thought that the real life was the one after death.
7) During the Middle Ages Christianity spread all over England (or became the most widespread religion in Britain) thanks to the role played by the monks
8) The monks played a fundamental role in the spread of Christianity in England.
9) Great Britain originated from a gradual settlements of various tribes, first of whom the Iberians followed by the Celts.

  • English -

    1 - fine

    2 - No capital B on "barbarian

    3 - fine

    4 - "in the 8th century"

    5 - "in the 14th century" -- use "significant" rather than "important" to describe "growth" -- not sure how middle class people could be more important than noblemen!!

    6 - "played an important role"

    7 - comma after "Ages" -- keep the wording in parentheses -- comma after "Britain"

    8 - fine

    9 - delete "a" -- "the first of whom were the Iberians..."

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