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Posted by Franco on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 1:31pm.

I forgot to include the following statements:
Thank you very much in advance.
1) Yesterday I read the following news in the newspaper.
2) On Sunday morning a young man, who was drunk (?) and had spent his Saturday night in a disco, drove his car at top speed in the centre of town.
3) When the police tried to pull him over (??), he speeded up, failed to see an elderly woman who was crossing the road on the zebra crossing and knocked her over.
4) He was finally arrested by the police while the woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance. 5) Luckily, she managed to survive. (Can you say just “She survived”?)
6) The Celts were important as far as religion and the organisation of justice were concerned (can you tell me a better expression?)
7) The Normans introduced the feudal system, according to which (?) the land was owned by the King, who gave it to the vassals in exchange (return?) for goods and military service.
8) The Knights and the villains were created by the chief vassals called barons.

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