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I beg you all to check these sentences I need to prepare for tomorrow. Thank you in advance.

1) The Anglo-Saxons were organised in clans and had to swear allegiance to the other members as well as to the lord of the tribe.
2) They praised physical courage and personal freedom
3) As they professed an older Germanic religion, Christianity retreated (withdrew?) into the western parts of the country.
4)Pope Gregory I The Great sent a monk, Augustine, to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.
5) Monasteries sprang up all over England and became important centres of communal life and culture.
6) The Vikings managed to regain (win back?) the occupied territories. They raided Britain until their king Canute also became king of England.
7) The Vikings were followed by (?) the Normans, who introduced the French language and tradition into England.

Thank you.

  • English -

    #3 = the = the and either word

    #6 = either

    #7 = other choices: displaced, replaced, succeeded, supplanted, assimilated(?)


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