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consider the reaction in which 410 grams of Ca(NO3)2 react with just the right amount of lithium metal in a single replacement reaction.
1-how many grams of lithium are required?
2- how many grams of each product can be produced?

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    2Li + Ca(NO3)2 ==> 2LiNO3 + Ca

    Step 2. Convert 410 g Ca(NO3)2 to moles. moles = grams/molar mass.

    3. Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert moles Ca(NO3)2 to moles Li.

    4. Convert moles Li to grams Li. grams = moles Li x atomic mass Li.

    5. Go back to step 3 and convert to each product in the equation, then convert those moles to grams.

    Post your work if you get stuck.

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    stuck at step 5! help please!

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    34.672..for you all you da vinci kids that need help

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