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Consider the following reaction:
A reaction mixture initially containing 0.500M H2S and 0.500M SO2 was found to contain 1.0×10−3M at a certain temperature. A second reaction mixture at the same temperature initially contains 0.255M H2S and 0.320M SO2. Calculate the equilibrium concentration of H2O in the second mixture at this temperature


    Is that 1.0 x 10^-3 M H2O or something different. You should read your posts to make sure all of the information is there. I will assume it is (H2O). Have you checked the equation? It isn't balanced. I will balance it. And I wonder if the temperature is high enough so H2O is a gas? I will assume it is. In fact, I will write it as such in the equation.
    2H2S + SO2 ==>3S(s) + 2H2O(g)
    K = (H2O)^2/(H2S)^2(SO2).
    Make an ICE chart.
    H2S = 0.5 M
    SO2 = 0.5 M
    H2O = 0

    H2O = +1.0 x 10^-3
    SO2 = -0.5 x 10^-3
    H2S = -1.0 x 10^-3

    H2S = 0.5-1.0 x 10^-3
    SO2 = 0.5- 0.5) x 10^-3
    H2O = 0 + 1.0 x 10^-3
    Plug those equilibrium concns into the Keq expression I wrote above to find Keq.

    Then prepare another ICE chart for the new mixture which will be
    H2S = 0.255 M
    SO2 = 0.320 M
    H2O = 0
    H2O = +2x
    SO2 = -x
    H2S = -2x

    H2O = 2x
    SO2 = 0.320- x
    H2S = 0.255-2x
    Plug those values into the Keq expression and using Keq you calculated before, determine the value of x. That times 2 will be the equilibrium value for H2O. Post your work if you get stuck.


    write an expression for ka hor the dissociation of HBr, when HBr is dissociated, it loses its H+

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