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An airplane is flying at 550 km/h on a heading of 080 degrees. The wind is blowing at 60 km/h from a bearing of 120 degrees. Find the ground velocity of the airplane and include the new bearing.

  • vector addition -

    This is not calculus.

    The air (wind) velocity PLUS the plane's air velocity equals the ground velocity.

    Perform the vector addition

  • calculus -

    Vpw = Vp + Vw = 550[80o] + 60[120o] =
    550*cos80+550*sin80 +60*Cos120+60*sin120
    = 95.5+541.6i - 30+52i = 65.5 + 593.6i.
    = 597mi/h[83.7o].

  • calculus -

    Note: Vpw = 597km/h[83.7o] E. of N.

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