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Posted by Janeille on Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 5:11pm.

1. Develop an algorithm or write pseudocode to determine if a citizen is eligible to vote. The
criteria for eligibility are that the citizen must be 18 or older and must not be a convicted
felon. The algorithm must continuously accept as input only the names, year of birth and
felony status of a citizen. The algorithm should continue to accept this information until a
year of 0 (zero) is input.
Print the name of the citizen and a statement saying whether or not the citizen is eligible to
2. Design and execute a trace table that accepts citizen data and show the expected output.
The table should have at least ten citizens showing person meeting all possible outputs and
Program Implementation
3. Using the programming language Pascal, write program code to implement the algorithm
in (1) above.

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