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The vector position of a 3.80 g particle moving in the xy plane varies in time according to the following equation.


At the same time, the vector position of a 5.35 g particle varies according to the following equation.


For each equation, t is in s and r is in cm. Solve the following when t = 2.60
(a) Find the vector position of the center of mass.(i+j)

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    Use your equations to get the vector locations of each particle at t = 2.60.
    Call then (X1,Y1) and (X2,Y2) (or X1i + XY1j and X2i + Y2j))

    The X and Y coordinates of the CM will be the mass-weighted mean location:

    Xcm = (M1 X1 + M2 X2)/(M1 + M2)

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