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A 22-ohm resistor and a 33-ohm resistor are connected in series and placed across 120-V potential difference.

1. what is the equivalent resistance of the circuit?
R = RA + RB
R = 22-ohm + 33-ohm
R = 55-ohm

2. what is the current in the circuit?
I = Vsource/ RA + RB
I = 120/ 55 = 2.2 A

3. what is the voltage drop across each of resistor?

= 48.4 V

= 70.4 V

4. What is the voltage drop across the two resistors together?

i'm a little confused with this fourth question, thanks.

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    Im just confused on number 4 only. Thanks. happy valentines everybody.

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    The voltage across "both together" is the sum of the separate voltage drops, which should be 120 V, the supply voltage.

    Your Va and Vb are a bit off. They should be and 48 and 72 V. Part of the error may have been in rounding off the current to 2.2 A, but there are some multiplication errors as well.

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    Ok, thanks a lot!! i really appreciate this, hope you have a good weekend

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