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To determine the height of the Louisiana-Pacific (LP) Tower, the tallest building in Conroe, Texas, a surveyor stands at a point on the ground, level with the base of the LP building. She measures the point to be 320ft from the building's base and the angle of elevation to the top of the building to be 4/7 pi. How foar is she from the top of the building?

So I used Sohcohtoa

I converted 4/7 pi to 102.86 degrees. Then I took the tan of 102.86 = x/320
and I'm getting -4.380 = x/320

I know it shouldn't be negative but I don't see where I went wrong.

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    How can the angle of elevation be greater than PI/2 (PI/2 is straight up)?
    YOu did it right, but the angle of elevation is NUTS.

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    Oh so there is something wrong with the problem! Thanks

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