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A __________ provides the tools that a programmer uses to create software.

a)compiler b) interpreter c)code d)a programming language

In a way, don't all of these help a programmer to create software? As I understand it, a compiler helps to convert commands into 0's and 1's for the computer to understand the commands, an interpreter is a program that executes instructions written in a programming language, a code (source code I'm assuming?) refers to the programming language that a programmer uses, so it is basically the same as d, which is programming language. Help!

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    I would go with programming languages. Higher level languages offer tools (commands) that do several things for the programmer, and in fact, those commands are tools.

    If you ever program in a machine language, or even an assembly language, you learn to appreciate the timesaving tools of the higher order languages.

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    Thank you! At one time I learned to program in BASIC - what a task! Mary

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    Prgramming Languages

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