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Organic Chemistry

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What would be the acid base reaction of:
c2h30- and phenol(benzenol) C6H5OH be?

Ok so this would result in the production of water, and the double bonds in phenol would open up and react, but I don't know what the end product would be??

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    I am not clear what the two reacting species are, do you really mean



    An acid base reacion is very unlikely to open up the benzene ring in phenol. Benzene rings are very stable, it is quite easy to attach new groups and carbon fragments, but disrupting the benzene ring is not easy.

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    I assume the anion is C2H3O2^- which I expect means acetate ion. That is a strong base and reacts with phOH to give
    HC2H3O2 + phO^-; acetic acid and phenoxide ion. The double bonds in the benzene ring do NOT open.
    NOTE: This is the same KIND of reaction as the hydrolysis of water.
    C2H3O2^- + HOH ==> HC2H3O2 + OH^-

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