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How can blood type A donate to AB???

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From my understanding, blood type A has A antigens and B antibodies.

Blood type AB has A and B antigens and no antibodies.

If someone donates type A to type AB, wouldn't the antibody B from type A attack the antigens B from AB???

I know I am looking at this incorrectly but what am I doing wrong!!!

  • How can blood type A donate to AB??? -

    I know my reasoning is flawed but I just can't figure out in what sense is it flawed.

    once again, if I apply my logic...

    type O has no antigens and A and B antibodies. IF you donate type O to type A, B, or AB, it wouldn't work! cuz the A and B antibodies from type O will attack the antigens from A/B/AB.

    BUT THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE because type O is the universal DONOR!!

    sorry, I am just frustrated about my flawed logic :(

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