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Posted by Jameson on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 7:02pm.

Hi, I need help with these questions. I have tried to find them but could not.

1.OLE is now referred to as ActiveX by Microsoft.

2.Embedded objects will travel with the destination document.

3.Linked objects will travel with the destination object.

4.A(n) ____ is a file that contains a list of commands that Windows XP can process to draw a graphic image.

5.An object's path is updated by ____ when its name is changed.

6.You can view properties of a linked object from the ____ menu of the toolbar.

7.In pasting objects from one application to another, you may need to use ____ to choose the correct format.

8.Links can be displayed in their entirety or as ____.

9.You can create ____ scrap objects from a single file.

10.The original copy of the object is called the ____ data.

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