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The length of a rectangular swimming pool is 6 feet more than twice its width. Find the length and width of the pool if its perimeter is 84 feet.

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    Set up the two equations in the two vzriables, length (L) and width (W).
    They are:
    L - W = 6
    L W = 84

    Then solve them, using algebra.

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    What do you mean by solving them by using algebra? I don't understand what to do

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    I made two mistakes. I was very sloppy reading the problem,. and apologize.

    This is how algebra is done. If you don't use this method, you will have to keep trying pairs of numbers until you get as pair that works,

    L = 2W + 6 since the length L is 6 more than twice the width, W.

    2(L + W) = 84 since that is the perimeter

    2L - 4W = 12
    2L + 2W = 84
    6W = 72
    W = 12
    L = 30

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    Thank you for your help!!

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